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Vinyl Fencing and Gates

Elk Grove vinyl fence

One advantage of vinyl fencing is the low maintenance. Though they might look like wood fences from a distance they do not need the painting or staining which wooden fences require. Many people also consider them a child friendly option because they do not have splinters in the way that wooden fences can. They are built to last and so are a good long term option for fences

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing and aluminum fencing  can be installed in a variety of designs and patterns, most notable in tall, aligned panels. It can also be made to use for split rail fencing in cases where it'll mark pastures or farmland. Most vinyl companies offer long-term warranties on their vinyl products as well, so you're paying for more than just the fencing material. Upon installation, your vinyl fencing will usually be ready for use shortly after and doesn't require too much attention from your side, once the professionals leave. When the weather turns hectic or the temperatures drop, vinyl has continuously proven to be sturdier against the elements than wood.


Clients appreciate the low cost of vinyl but the high quality it delivers. Vinyl fences can often times resemble real hardwood, if this is a look you're opting for. If it is, it makes vinyl much more affordable than traditional wood, as fewer repairs or maintenance is required over time. Installation is cheaper as well, as the materials themselves won't demand as much detail as cutting hardwood panels. Therefore, if you're on a budget and looking for a cost-friendly alternative to hardwood, vinyl might just be the next fencing material you should consider.


The appearance of vinyl also draws clients in to opt for it over hardwood. Since it can resemble the hardwood from a distance and at half the price, vinyl is preferred for those that simply want a sleek and durable fencing solution with a nice finish. The appearance of vinyl can be altered to fit your needs, whether it’s painting or staining, and this doesn’t need to be maintained beyond initial application. Epoxy paints and stains are added to vinyl because of its material composite which helps them stick to the material better and therefore don't require often touch-ups.


For those with pets or children who often make up the main occupants of the outdoor space, vinyl fencing is a great alternative to wood because it doesn't splinter. This avoids injury when coming into contact with it or playing near it. Overall maintenance is low and you shouldn't need to worry about repainting or refinishing your vinyl fencing for its duration of use and if installed correctly. If your vinyl becomes stained or tainted by outdoor elements or overexposure to something, you'll be happy to know that it is easy to clean and can be done with simply soap and water mixtures. Pressure washing is not needed as it would be on some fencing materials, nor do you need to worry about rust, rot, or decay.


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