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Fences are significant to our outside life, providing security, privacy and safety.  Fences can also serve various other purposes including marking out space, creating outdoor design, and adding comfort. Whatever needs you may have for fencing, whether it's for your garden or yard or play area, the materials and design are a key consideration. Wooden fences are always popular and go well with many homes, while bamboo fencing offers a modern alternative that some prefer. Whichever way you go, we are able to help you in both installing and repairing existing fences.

About Us

At Elk Grove Fencing, we serve Elk Grove and surrounding areas in Sacramento County as well as San Joaquin County including Stockton and Lodi with reliable fences in a variety of styles and materials. We have an open mind to our clients needs and seek to help you to reach your fencing goals. Every customer is unique in their goals and we work hard to help them choose a fence solution that best suits their environment and situation. We maintain an honest an open attitude in all our dealings with our clients as we work with them to achieve an outcome that is cost-effective, long lasting, and satisfying. We currently partner with Bates Fencing who perform all our work - License #1032578. We know you will appreciate the quality of our workmanship. Call us on (916) 512-8561 ask for James.


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Learn More About Elk Grove Fencing

We have a variety of services and products which will help those seeking a reliable and cost-efficient fencing solution for their outside areas. Below is a list of some of the expert services we provide that are flexible, durable, with practical and nice looking design features. We also provide further help, so please get in touch if you'd like assistance with a fencing project or problem that may not be mentioned in this list. It's very likely that one our fence contractors will have experienced a similar situation and be able to assist you with your fencing needs.

Elk Grove vinyl fence
Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is another alternative to standard hardwood. Vinyl is a manmade material that is stronger than wood and doesn't require much upkeep after installation. It can be painted and is aligned in panels that are situated next to each other for the highest level of privacy. Cross-hatch patterns or designs can be incorporated into the tops of them as well, and vinyl is extremely resistant to bugs and decay, unlike wood.

Elk grove wood fence
Wood Fencing

Wood fencing and gates are a classic in fencing solutions. Often chosen because of its strength, durability, and appearance, wood comes in several grains and stains that make it desirable to clients who want a simple yet durable fence. Since wood can last for many years without too much maintenance, it works to protect yards and surrounding areas with privacy when cutting into side-by-side panels or fulfills the need for extra visibility through lattice fences or even cross-hatched ones.

Aluminum fence Elk Grove
Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is often used for fencing and railings because it is both flexible and versatile. Perfect for a simple railing or fence. Aluminum is a great alternative to wrought iron or other metal fences and can resist corrosion and other outdoor, weather elements. Aluminum fencing can be painted and shaped to your preference, whether you want a picket fence or a sleek, split rail fence.

Fencing and Gates Corona - Metal Fencing and Gates
Metal Fencing

Metal fencing provides strength and security. Coming in tubular steel, solid steel, and wrought iron forms, metal fencing can withstand most outdoor elements such as rain and snow, and is both simple and functional depending on your use for the fence, metal provides versatile solutions and visibility for your outdoor space.

chain link fence Elk Grove
Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link fencing is a very affordable option to open up their outdoor areas and  surroundings. All chain link fencing is galvanised to protect it from rusting which gives the fence a much longer life and greatly reduces any maintenance. Chain link is a great solution if you want to keep young children or pets inside but also want to be able to see what's on the others side of the fence.

pool fence Elk Grove
Pool and Privacy Fencing

Privacy and pool fencing is a contemporary solution to aesthetic fencing. Serving as both high visibility and functionality, glass is often installed surrounding the pool area for the benefits of security but with the appearance of simplicity. Glass and pool fencing is done to make the area around a pool safer but equally welcoming and open, connecting you with the outdoors to enjoy the view.

Contact Elk Grove Fencing

To learn more about our products and services available, we encourage you to get in contact with us today! We’ve provided our service number on our website for your convenience so that you can speak with one of our customer service representatives about a product or service that best suits you, as well as scheduling an appointment or requesting further information. We have also enclosed a contact form with which you can write to us directly with other inquiries or request a quote about one of our services, free of charge.

James is awesome- very honest and hard working. We were so impressed with him that we did not even get any other bids. He finished our fence in 4 days and it looks amazing.
Thank you James!  -

James is dedicated, hard working and most importantly, honest. He definitely strives for perfection. - Davin

James is the most trust worthy young man . As a senior I will call him for all my needs around my home. - Dolaris