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At Elk Grove Fencing, we go above and beyond to deliver you quality fencing services in the Elk Grove, CA area. As the city’s licensed fencing professionals, we understand what it takes to install a variety of fences, whether they be iron fences, wood fences, a new fence installation, or even building a custom fence. We have continued to learn from our previous work and strive to impact the Elk Grove community with fencing solutions that are sustainable, durable, and affordable.

With each of our fencing services also comes our satisfaction guarantee, to ensure that you are receiving the best fence possible. Before installing any fence or operating a fence repair, one of our fencing contractors will assess the site and advise on the next steps. We tailor our products and services to our clients and what we feel will benefit their outdoor space most.

For those that have outdoor pools and want modern aesthetic, we might recommend glass fencing or bamboo fencing, while others who have dogs and want more privacy, maybe happier with wooden or vinyl fencing. We take into account all factors as well as the space available so that the services you receive are nothing short of professional and personal. At the moment, we’re proud to offer the following fencing and gate services to the city of Corona and surrounding areas:

Fencing Services Offered

If you need any fencing services mentioned above please don't hesitate to reach us or give us a call. We will gladly give you a free quote for your fencing project or for any of your fencing repairs. Give us a call! We will offer you the best quality fencing services there is in Elk Grove, CA. Call now and don't miss this moment to make a fence free from rust or termites.

Reasons To Have A Safety Fencing Services


When it comes to fencing, we are talking about safety. Safety is the word here folks. If you have children, dogs, or even for your valuable property need to be safe. Safe from intruders and other things that might cost you big in the future.

Bad Weather

A good sturdy fence can save you from many kinds of weather problems. Includes floods, windy days, hot sun, hail storms, and a lot more. If you've been on the internet for a while you will see some video clips about floods in the streets that would cause a major problem, but the homeowner was safe and so is his property due to his reliable fence.

Peace of Mind

There was an old man that I met for a while and he was homeless. He told me that he had a big property, but lost it due to his divorce. But for some reason, he looks happy regarding his condition of being homeless. I ask him curiously and he said. "Having those properties with that woman and having this peace of mind now?". Yeah, I got the answer for myself. So imagine yourself free from stress because you know that everything will be ok back home when you leave your place because you know you can rely on your sturdy fence.

So if you ever have any questions regarding our fencing services, don't hesitate to smash that button bellow to give us a call.




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