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Chain Link Fencing

chain link fence Elk Grove

Chain Link fencing is a great solution for outdoor space if you want to add both visibility and safety to your yard. The chain link is galvanized to prevent rust so the fences have a long life with very little maintenance needed. Chain link can make a yard safe for children or animals while also allowing you to see beyond the fence. It can be installed in various ways.


Installing chain link fencing is a task our experienced installers have performed many times. While it may look fairly easy to install, having an experienced installer can prevent various issues and result in a much better placed and longer lasting fence. We recommend you talk to us about any possible installation questions you might have.


Chain link fencing is very durable and also the most economical of all the fence types. It can provide security and boundary markers for a much lower cost than other materials. The fact that it is galvanized helps prevent rust and ensures that it lasts for a long time. It is also possible to get vinyl covered chain link which lasts even longer than galvinized chain link so that is also an option worth considering.


Apart from cost and long life, another thing many people like about chain link is the way it allows you to see beyond the fence. Obviously if you are looking for a privacy fence, then one of our other fences will be a better option, but if you want to be able to see the view or activities on the other side of the fence, while still protecting your boundaries, then the chain link fence is a perfect solution for you.


Finally, chaing link fencing, just like privacy and pool fencing is very practical. It creates the illusion of a larger space for small yards and it doesnt create the claustrophobic effect some might get from a fence the blocks out everything on the other side.  The sunshine and other weather elements, as well as the world beyond the fence can all be seen and experienced almost as if there was no fence. It is certainly an option worth considering if it suits your particular needs.


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