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Privacy and Pool Fencing

pool fence Elk Grove

Privacy and pool fencing are designed to optimize outdoor space with a modern touch. Adding glass and pool fencing can not only enhance the appearance of your outdoor space, but can bring in equal parts protection as it can sunlight. Glass is often cut from large, thick pieces and placed around the outdoor space to create an open-air feel that still provides a barrier when needed.

Framed Glass Fencing

Framed glass fencing consists of glass that is cut and shaped into fencing frames around the property. Like a mirror or picture frame, this glass is transparent through both sides and is secured into a frame that holds it into place and provides greater stability. Framed glass is often preferred for pool settings in order to demark the location of a pool and provide sunlight and clarity through the fence itself. Even if framed glass isn’t being used for a high-scale fence, it can still be used for railings along pathways or outdoor walkways.

Frameless Glass Fencing

Ever wonder how infinity pools appear to just float? With the help of frameless glass fencing, infinity pools and structures similar are given the illusion of an invisible fence that's both useful and functional. Many appreciate frameless glass fencing because of its appearance, as it looks both effortless and classic. It's a contemporary approach to modern fencing and simplifies the outdoor space by making the view or nature the real beauty. You might often see frameless glass fencing in places like hotels, spas, and resorts, and this is done intentionally because of its aesthetic. What better way to feel connected to nature and the outdoors than with a fence that provides safety and beauty – simultaneously?


Plexiglass is similar to standard glass but has more flexibility than the former. Plexiglass is will usually range higher in terms of pricing, but requires less maintenance than standard glass. With standard glass, you might notice more cracks, holes, or cleaning needs, while Plexiglass is better able to withstand fluctuating temperatures and excessive weather. Thus, Plexiglass is often times a more cost-friendly solution in the long run than glass, especially for those that are using it for recreational purposes, such as with kids, pets, and sport.

Upkeep and Cleaning

Upkeep of glass and pool fencing is relatively easy and similar to any other glass surface around your home. Most glass fencing surfaces can be cleaned using standard glass cleaners, but you might notice early streaking or cloudiness over time. To avoid this, professional we can recommend the best steps to maintain the appearance of your glass, whether it’s affected by a rainstorm, by pets, or by just normal wear and tear. If your glass is damaged within a framed fence, it is much easier to perform repairs by removing the damaged piece and replacing it with a new one. For repairs on larger pieces of glass that aren’t as easy to remove, glass repair or fencing experts will have to tackle the problem using industrial epoxies. Find out much more details about us.


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